The website redesign for Automation Technology was an exciting project. Automation Technology is a company that builds test systems for electric motors. Each system fixture is custom designed for the part being tested but what sets this company apart is that they have developed a proprietary standardized software program that can be reconfigured to work with any test system. It is always exciting working with an innovative, forward thinking company. This project was somewhat of a challenge because in order to successfully redesign their website I had to learn a lot about what they do. 



the process

I started by getting a basic overview of the company and taking a full inventory of the current site. I did research on competitors sites to see what was working and what wasn't working. I met with the President and CEO and we decided what we needed to keep and what we could afford to get rid of. I also proposed a few new ideas of what to add. Since I was also in charge of editing and writing the copy, I decided to go a step further and meet with the head of software engineering to learn more about their robust software program. When I felt I had a sufficient understanding of the company, I began laying out the content. 

The Customer

Through my research I found that there were a lot of things that contained electric motors. This page gives a breakdown of the various markets that ATI works with. 

The CEO wanted to have an extra page that featured equipment that didn't necessarily fall under the category of "test equipment." This screen to the left shows one of their best selling items called an actuator which allows an operator to apply a very specific amount of pressure using a remote device. This type of device is used most often in manufacturing facilities. 

Featured Equipment

about the company

This page allows the viewer to learn more about the company and what they offer. It also provides quick links for further reading.