The objective of this project was to complete a series of 20 pictograms meant to function within a chosen setting. My chosen setting was Disney World. This process included research, planning, objective-setting, conceptualizing, audience-testing, and form-making. After the set of 20 icons in color was completed. The second step was applying the icons in various applications related to Disney World.

Deciding on a final set to create was definitely a struggle. I was originally just going to re-design 20 of the pictograms that Disney already had, but after discussing it with my instructor we both agreed that it would be more interesting to try making icons for some of the attractions, the park, and some general icons as well. Sometimes the parts that seem the simplest can turn out to be the most complicated. This set can be separated into three different categories: Attraction specific pictograms, Park specific pictograms, and Park generic pictograms. This created a challenge for me in that I would have to technically create three separate categories of icons that all look cohesive enough to belong in the same set. However, they would also look best if the 3 categories differentiated themselves from each other slightly because they are each representing different types of pictograms.