This series emphasizes graphic composition of type and image. It's a graphic form exploration using type, image, and graphic elements with a focus on integration and juxtaposition. For this series, I chose to use an armature from an electric motor as my object because I wanted to challenge myself by using something odd that most people, including myself, don't see everyday. 




This part of the series involves the study of form, composition, and contrast through a given set of design parameters. Some of the parameters included: the object (armature), relevant word (power), object icon, and related graphical elements (gears & circuit boards). 

02 Poster

This part of the series applies design principles from the previous square compositions using multiple levels of type and image composition to visually express and convey meaning/message in the form of a poster.

03 Themed Narrative

The last part of the series is a continuation in the exploration of the dynamics of form and counter-form within photographs and the interaction between type and image. The final composition should convey a visual rhythmic sequence utilizing a consistent theme. The theme I chose to portray was the complex relationship between humans and technology and how each affects the other. Most people think that technological advancement is key in the evolution of our species and although I don't entirely disagree, I thought it may be interesting to look at the topic from the opposing perspective.