The objective of this project was to choose an existing brand in the area of self-care and create

a new packaging system for a chosen product category within that brand. The process was broken down into four steps:


Discover  |  Define  |  Create  |  Apply

The challenge with this project was to approach the brand from a new angle and develop a brand story based on that angle. The project began as a collaboration with 3 other people. We worked in groups to analyze the existing brand and propose up to 3 new directions. Then, we each chose a direction to carry out the remaining steps individually. The final outcome needed to include

a social responsibility aspect. We decided to call attention to the recent catastrophic decline in

the honey bee population. 

product branding

burt's bees 


This first step involved taking a look at the various aspects of the existing brand. I did this by analyzing the brand's personality attributes, the benefits, purpose, message, essence, visual identity, product value, target audience and how they compare to their competitors.

  • A product line that is colorful, creative, & fun 

  • Product line will have characters associated with each scent

  • Marketed towards a younger audience

  • A new line of high end products

  • Pure ingredients & exceptional quality

  • Proceeds will go toward supporting the bees

  • Bring people closer to nature & promote environmental responsibility

  • Raise awareness & call attention to the importance of bees

  • Further emphasize the existing natural aspect of the brand

During this step, 3 new approaches were to be developed. The areas that were analyzed in the first step were to be redefined to align with each of the new concepts.



After collaborating as a group and proposing new concepts, each member chose an approach to individually create a new form of packaging for.

I chose Nurture Nature. 


Although I was happy with how the first 2 options came together aesthetically, I felt they lacked the functionality for everyday use. This was taken into account when designing the finished product which allows the product to be easily dispensed and sealed.

Choosing a Name
Front View
Front Label
Back View
Product Story
Product Family
Sample Set
Point of Purchase Display
Product Story