app design | Senior thesis


illume is an app that helps you to improve home efficiency and save money by monitoring your water and energy use and providing you with ways to cut costs and use smarter.

the idea

I began exploring topics and coming up with ideas the summer before we began work on our thesis projects. I came up with a lot of ideas ranging anywhere from creating a new music festival experience to creating the ultimate design journal. As fun as those ideas would have been to work on, I knew that if I was going to put two semesters of hard work into this, it had to mean something more. I’ve always been passionate about the environment. What if I could create something that educated people on how their lifestyles impact the earth and then provide them with ways to lower that impact?  This was the topic that I chose to center my thesis project around.


link to providers

Linking the app to the your utility providers gives illume a way to monitor how much water and energy your home is using. After you view your use, you will be asked to set a goal of how much you would like to cut back on your water and energy use.

conduct an audit

Conduct an audit with illume to further understand where the problem areas are in your home and how to fix them. 


understand causes

audit report

A report is generated after the audit is complete. It shows a categorized list of the items that were detected during the audit. Select a category to see which items contribute the most to your usage. Select the items with drop downs to learn more about how they contribute.


find solutions

upgrades & tasks

The app offers you efficient  alternatives for the items in your home that operate inefficiently. It also shows you how much you can save by upgrading. 

Upgrading items in your home can sometimes be expensive, even if it will pay off over time. That’s why each category also comes with a list of tasks to help you to cut down on usage without having to spend money upgrading items in your home.


measure results


Illume syncs across all platforms of information to provide you with an accurate view of your progress. The app pulls information from your utility providers to give you live stats, allowing you to stay updated on how you’re doing.


pinpoint problem areas