This is a school project that I did for my Motion Design class in which I was to create a one minute, AMC promo for my chosen movie (Citizen Kane). The purpose of the project was to make a promo for an older movie that would present the film in a way that made it more relevant and enticing to a modern day audience. In order to do this I leveraged the more intense scenes of the movie and presented them so that they would create an emotional build up that is intense enough to capture the attention and hopefully the interest of the audience.

The biggest challenge of this project was limiting my video to a minute and sifting through two hours of footage to find the best possible combination of scenes to create an exciting emotional build up. I also wanted to make sure the video and audio worked cohesively to create my desired effect. This was definitely one of the most labor intensive and enjoyable projects that I have done. 


AMC Promo Citizen Kane