The objective of this project was to create a composition that compared two topics. I chose to compare the Justice League and the Avengers. My goal was to give the viewer a quick summary of the strengths within each team. I then chose four distinct environments and highlighted three useful skills that would prove to be advantageous for each based on the various environmental conditions. I then plotted the team members accordingly while noting exceptions that didn't have 1 of the 3 skills but would still thrive in the environment. 

data visualization

Justice league vs. avengers

02 Research

I started by looking at all of the different super powers and abilities that were represented in each team. This took a while considering I had to research each individual character. I noticed that a lot of heroes had similar powers so I listed all of the powers out and noted who had which power. After seeing the data in this way I could narrow down the different areas/skills/powers that I wanted to show comparisons on. 

01 planning

The Research for this project was very extensive. The topic began as Marvel vs DC but the scope narrowed to Justice League vs Avengers. After deciding on comparing the strengths of each team, I decided to take it a step further and display the information in a way that allowed the viewer to see how each team would measure up in a fight based on their surroundings. In short,

I was asking the viewer, "Who would win?" 

03 Developing

a System

After defining the set of skills to compare I realized I would need a rating system for the chosen variables. I went back to my research and discovered that the skill levels for each character were able to be found with enough digging. I then gathered the data for each character and in doing this, was able to set a minimum (1) and maximum (5) for each variable. 

04 The Battlefield

Then I chose 4 very different environments, all requiring their own distinct set of skills and each presenting their own set of challenges.